Love You No More

Hey Girl this one Dedicated to you 

Its for You only and only you.


Last night had Dream of you

I was in flashback , saw all the time i was with you…

Protected you when others tries to let you down

Cared when your parents were not there in town….

I Walked with you no matter what the ways

It was only you who made beautiful nights and days….

I remember all the time when i took my stand

I even fought with my family, just to hold your hand….

Whenever you said me the love you do

Every-time i replied I Love You Too……..



But what you did;

The same mistakes always i Hate

All this happened Cos that’s my Fate …..

Now You are happily living there

I m Skipping my Breath here…..

You are enjoyin… your new habitat

& i am dying always like that……

Whenever You contacted you says you love me, can we be together………

& now i realize that YA ME LoVES YOU TOO, but i dnt wanna be together……


Author:- WebWarBegin © All Rights Reserved.


Here is Beautiful song that Give feel of my emotions.

Akon – Love You No More                                                DOWNLOAD




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